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Obama Care – What’s Left in 2016?

Obama Care is a nickname for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) a health reform law signed in 2010 by President Barrack Obama. This law aimed at providing health care to more Americans at affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care and health insurance, regulate health insurance industry and to curb the increasing health care cost. It is a new way to protect, and guard the rights and benefits of people who previously had their coverage denied because of pre-existing conditions; being charged more because of being a woman, or cancellation because of making application mistake.

This health care law came as a lasting solution to these issues.

retired people are close to the edge in the USIt should be noted that all of the health insurance policies available through the health insurance exchanges comply with the rules of Obama Care. All the private health insurance policies comply with the Obama care policy and provide more than ten benefits as part of the covered benefits

Because of the failing system in the health care that saw a majority of Americans knocked and locked out the law was efficient at a time when the unemployment rate was high and the poverty gap widened steadily. The law has different provision that addresses various aspects of the health care act

Starting the year 2014 most non-exempt Americans have to maintain minimum essential coverage throughout each year get an exemption or pay as per month fee on their year- end federal income taxes for each month they go without coverage.

As from the year 2014, you need to keep your current plan or obtain health insurance (minimum essential coverage) and maintain it throughout the year. Failure to which you will require an exemption fee on your year-end Federal taxes for each moth you go without coverage.

The individual mandate is contained in the law act in which is a requirement to have insurance. Young people can stay on their parent insurance policy up to 26 and those who can’t stay have a marketplace plan of $100 or less after subsidies. As per 2015/2016 employers with more than 25 full-time employees will have to offer coverage to most full timers.

And if the employer offers such coverage then employees can’t get cost assistance but can use the marketplace to buy other private insurance instead.

Shopping around the marketplace allows you to get help.

It helps you to avoid under buying health insurance or over buying. The marketplace health plans have metal plans ‘Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum’ the higher the metal, the better cost sharing plan and the wider the network will be. Low metal plan is subjected to a subsidy.

the pharmaceutical industry is not happy with this law

The pharmaceutical industry is not happy with this law

Top 8 Things You Need To Know When Investing In the Stock Market

Diving into the stock market can be quite overwhelming on some levels. In addition to deciding to invest, there is a question of what stock to invest in, how to invest, how much to invest and when to invest. All these are fundamental questions that need a concrete answer.

Besides the mentioned questions, it is important to be aware of the following when investing in stocks:

Stocks are not just tiny pieces of paper

busy stock market staffWhen buying a share of stock, it is prudent to know that you are taking a part of ownership in a particular company. Collectively, all the shareholders (you included) own the company. Every share frequently represents a claim on earnings and assets.

Different kinds of stocks exist

Since different types of stocks are available, it is prudent to divide the marker according to kinds of growth patterns, sector and company size. You can measure the size of a company through its market capitalization. Some of the different kinds of stocks investors normally talk about are technology vs. energy stocks, value vs. growth stocks or large cap vs. small cap stocks just to mention but a few.

Stock prices typically track earnings

Over a short period, news, rumours, fear, and enthusiasm normally dictate the behaviour of a market. On the other hand, over a long period, a company’s earnings determine whether the company’s stock price will go sideways, down or up.

Trust stocks to get a return over the pace of inflation

Ever since the world war II ended, and through the numerous ups and downs, the average large stock still manages to close to 10% annually. This is well ahead of inflation, the return of bonds, real estate and an array of other savings vehicles. Consequently, you can trust on stocks to help you save money for your long-term goals such as retirement.

Individual stocks do not make the market

An excellent stock can go up even when the stock market is falling. A stinker, on the other hand, can go down when the stock market is booming. Therefore, it is wise to say that individuals stocks are never the market.

An impressive track record doesn’t guarantee a strong future performance

Of great importance to note is that stock prices are normally based on the projections of future earnings. Certainly, a strong track record normally bodes well. However, even the best performing companies can slip at one point or another.

A stock’s price is not enough to tell the expensive nature of a stock

The value of a stock usually depends on its earnings. Because of this, a $100 stock can be inexpensive if a company’s earnings projections are high enough. A $3 stock, on the other hand, might be expensive if the earnings potential of a company is dim.

Investors compare stock prices to other parameters to assess value

How can you tell whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued? Well, the best way to do this is by comparing a stock’s price to its cash flow, earnings and revenue among other factors. Comparing a particular company’s performance expectations to the industry at large is a common strategy.

Trading in the stock market can be quite rewarding. However, before you start your trades, it is prudent to be aware of some things. The above are just some of the important things prospective traders need to know.


do it like Bane did

Or you can do it like Bane did..

Modern Webdesign and Traffic Generation Techniques in 2016

One of the best ways in which to promote a business, service or product is through the Internet. There are now many ways in which to design websites so that you can effectively achieve this. Focusing on ways to promote your services through the Internet is now more important than ever, and this is because the web allows us to connect with a huge amount of potential customers. In this article, we will take a look at how SEO (or search engine optimization as it is also known) can help in many ways when designing a good website.

The importance of the Google searches engine

seo-and web designOne of the best search engines on the web is that of Google. The search engine manages to receive over 100 billion unique visitor hits every month of the year. This means that if your website ranks on the search engine within a niche and you receive only a small of this traffic, you will still get access to many customers.

Become a figure of authority

When you are working on the web, it is a good idea to find a niche that you can occupy by becoming an authoritative figure. When you do this effectively, you will stand out from the crowd and will begin to receive more traffic via the web. When you make yourself visible and create content that is of high quality, more and more people will refer to you on the web and will link to your page via their websites. This will increase your traffic and will improve the amount of customers that you receive onto your site.

How to implement SEO within a website

The SEO on a website refers to the way that the site is designed and the content that is used within the site so that it attracts attention and ranks within the Google search engine. Creating a website that is user-friendly is incredibly important, but one should also consider keywords and other tags that can be used on the site so that it is easy to find on the web. It is important that you think about the niche subject that you are involved in so that one can focus on the market that you are working within. When you begin to do this, you will be able to design keywords that you can use within your content so that your work is easier to find when people choose to search for your niche on the search engines.

Use social networks

Social networks are now also incredibly popular and will help you to spread your site to a wider audience. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be incredibly useful and can help to spread the awareness of your business. Many people now use these sites and promote their sites and the content that they upload on a regular basis so that they can reach out to other individuals within these networks. One should embrace different tools that are offered on the web and should use these when promoting their business.

Beat Procrastination With These Time Management Tips

There is no sense of debating what is apparent, but a majority of us lack sufficient time management skills that can reduce our productivity levels as well as the ability to meet set deadlines for other various goals and projects. While managing your time is an essential skill for any savvy individual, not many people have sufficient insight into what it takes to be a good manager.

Time management involves the process of exercising and planning over the amount of time that your spend on activities particularly to enhance your efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity levels. In most cases, this process is best achieved with the use of tools and strategies that are used to manage the time when accomplishing projects, task and personal goals as well as meeting set deadlines.

Time Management Tips

Avoid procrastination

Perhaps the single biggest deterrent for any time management regime is the fact that most people are prone to procrastination. Procrastination just involves the avoidance of task that needs to be completed. Since good use of one’s time requires the setting of specific deadlines and targets, most people who procrastinate are more likely to have poor management records thus leading to unaccomplished tasks and goals. A good suggestion for reducing your procrastination levels would be to use a reward strategy scheme for each time that your meet deadlines that are set for tasks.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead just involves scheduling all the day-to-day activities in a systematic structure that help you identify the task that is to complete and at what particular time. More so, adequate planning helps reduce time wastage and helps you scope the possibility of completing all your projects and goals on time. In fact, with sufficient management methodologies, projects or goals are not only going to finish in the appropriate time but are more likely to be done better than those without.

Use time management tools
Countless tools are readily available to help you with your time management needs. For instance, the majority of good smartphones today come with some form of management of time applications meant to assist the user when they need it the most. More so, you can just go the conventional way and use a diary or a notepad that you use to plan your day to day activities ahead of time. The added benefits are that such type of management tools are not only easy to use but are encourage you to engage your projects to the set goals and targets.

Train with professionals in the industry

People don’t really understand how valuable this can be despite the costs involved. There are some incredible time management training courses out there. You just have to find the right one for you.

Benefits of Good Time Management

Provides you with peace of mind and reduced stress

Helps you maintain your motivation for task completion

Reduces procrastination levels

Enhances and augments your productivity levels

Helps you to meet your targets and goals

Gives you a sense of achievement.


Overall, when taken together, time management is a relevant skill for any individual who want to achieve their goals and dreams In life. More so, hardly any project can complete without appropriate management of time. For this particular reason, it is imperative that most people engage in top quality management solutions.

The advantages of using business start-up computer software

There are without question advantages for anyone or any group considering starting up their own business to be using software from on the onset. Good organisation and planning can be a long way in getting any business after to a solid start, and lay good foundations for future growth.

Get the foundation right!

Start up business would allow the owners of the new company to have the computer packages in place that would prove most useful to its founders and managers. The point of having software in place from the beginning is to maximize the amount of facility management information from the beginning. Providing that the management of the new company understand the data coming from the software they can change things that could be done better sooner rather than later.

Type of software development needs for a startup, and ways to find and retain the right team.

When it comes down to computers it is often best to put in the most useful software from the start of any new business so that it be effective from its beginning. Starting up a business from scratch means that people do not have to worry about the software not been compatible with computer systems. There should be no compatibility issues as instead of the computers already been installed, all of the hard ware and software will be fitted at the same time. Later on the managers could think about doing all upgrades and system replacement at the same time.

Softwares are here to simplify things

quality and excellence of a softwareStart up business software can thus be the most appropriate time to install facility management based software packages and integrate them into the company’s computer systems. The inclusion of facility management software would be most beneficial to use straightaway. It will provide higher quality management information that will improve the effectiveness of the new business. The owners of the business could also get to grips with the software if they have not used it before. Hopefully having the software in place from the beginning will prove really useful for when the business starts expanding its customer base and may be even its workforce as well.

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